Bees Can Eat Rocks!


While compulsively browsing the inter-webs on my phone, I found an article on IFL Science that talks about a species of bees (Anthophora pueblo) found in Utah. It should be noted that I am friggin’ scared of bees. I will briskly walk the fuck out of an area if I spot a bee. I have never been stung. Don’t wanna be stung. So, if I find more information on these very important but scary little guys, I have to read it. For my continued safety.

These bees were discovered about 40 years ago but fell into the fog of Utah State’s collections. The brave people researching them now, have found that these bees have a preference for burrowing into sandstone with their mandibles. The tunnels separate them from each other, reduce parasites within the hive and shelter the little guys from flash floods. Now we know about one more scary thing in the desert. Thanks desert, for giving me yet another reason to never go near you.

Here’s a link to the IFL science article if you feel like reading more. For your safety.